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Sikorka is an Ethereum based system that enables smart contracts to be deployed on the spot in the real world. Using Proof Of Presence people's proximity to a location is verified which allows them to interact with smart contracts found around their location.

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Ethereum's decentralized smart contract platform is at the core of Sikorka. The blockchain facilitates cryptographically secure transactions and guarantees constant uptime and privacy.

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Sikorka Mobile App

Sikorka has a mobile app in development. You will be able to deploy and interact with smart contracts in real world locations anywhere around the world!

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Sikorka Presented in Devcon2

Devcon2 Presentation

Sikorka was presented at Devcon2, Ethereum's annual developer conference. It was quite well received, signifying that gamification and locations are a really exciting application of blockchain technology.

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Deploy contracts on location. The Real World can now interact with Ethereum.

Using your mobile's phone Camera and an augmented reality interface you can interact with Ethereum. Choose a specific location to deploy a contract and take advantage of the surroundings of your environment to deploy location aware contracts..

Deploy Contract at Brandenburger Tor

Search around your present location. and interact with contracts you can find.

Using your current location you can detect contracts in the map around you, select them and interact with them if you find them interesting.

Interact with any contract

Prove your location. Use Proof Of Presence.

GPS location can be easily spoofed. Prove your location using a combination of input including Lat/Long Pair, challenge question and answer and visual data. That is what we call Proof Of Presence.

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As Seen in the Annual Ethereum Developer's Conference in Shanghai

Sikorka presented in Devcon2