Sikorka FAQ

All Questions you may have about the system.

What is Sikorka?

Sikorka is a system developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain that allows people to:

  • Deploy Smart contracts on specific real-world locations.
  • Search for interesting smart contracts around their present location.
  • Interact with smart contracts around them.

The above is achieved through something called Proof Of Presence, a method use to attempt and verify the user's current location as accurately and tamper-proof as possible

What is Proof Of Presence?

Proof Of Presence is a combination of techniques utilized by Sikorka in order to verify a user's proximity to a specific location. It is still under research but at its current form it consists of a combination of:

  • A user's current location as a Langitude/Longitude pair.
  • A series of challenge Questions and Answers that users should only be able to answer if they are present in the location
  • Camera video feed comparison between the time of deployment and the time the user interacts with the contract in order to assess location similarity.

All three of the above are part of the current alpha version of the Sikorka system. They are all software-based solutions. In the future Proof Of Presence can also integrate with specialized hardware installed on location to further fortify the verification process.

What are the use cases?

A system that enables users to prove their presence at a particular location and interact with smart contracts there has many potential applications. Below are some of the most exciting ones:

  • Loyalty programs for shops offering special deals and/or discounts to people visiting specific locations.
  • Administrative proof of Attendance. For example proving that a citizen has visited the unemployment office for a particular month and is eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • Augmented reality games.

How does it work?

At the current Alpha version of the system, all deployed contracts have to follow a specific interface which can be seen here. The system allows users to search for sikorka contracts deployed around them. Interaction with the contract happens via the mobile application and thanks to the contract's ABI.

Who is behind Sikorka?

Sikorka is being developed by Lefteris Karapetsas. I have fulltime job keeping me busy so Sikorka is only developed during my free time. You can follow me in Twitter for up to date information.

What is the development timeline?

As Sikorka is at the moment developed by one person on his free time the development timeline may not end up being totally accurate. The idea is to push as fast as possible for a release of the mobile application. You can find the timeline here

How can I Help?

There are quite a few ways you can help!

  • As most of Sikorka is open-source you can check it out in Github and try to contribute to some part of the code and/or provide feedback
  • If you are living in Berlin and would like to cooperate with me on Sikorka send me an email.
  • If you are living in Berlin, own a shop or business which would be interested in a pilot program using Sikorka and the Ethereum Blockchain then send me an email.
  • Sikorka is currently a side-project of mine and as of now has no way to monetize itself. It only has expenses. If you like the idea and the work done so far then please consider donating:
    • ETH: 0x9337b29da904fd2f936591da5ad7970017a0bd1f
    • BTC: 19jFGeXL5PFKeQ7dETKmRQR8U8Ugn8UdWv