Sikorka Mobile App


Sikorka is a system that enables people to deploy or interact with smart contracts at specific locations. This is achieved through the use of a mobile phone application. The idea is to be able to do many different applications based on top of the sikorka system. When we refer to the mobile app in this page we will mean the first such example application to be released as the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the system. A demo video that was shown in Devcon2 in Shanghai showcasing the functionality displayed in this page can be seen here.

App langing page

Sikorka Landing page

The mobile app is currently under development and anything seen here is to showcase functionality and is subject to change. The app is going to be released as soon as it is ready. Check the timeline for more details. The release is going to be first for Android and if I manage to find enough time or funding it may be ported to IOS.

Deploying A Contract

To deploy a contract you open the camera from inside the app and choose the exact location to deploy by placing the marker there. You should choose a unique location that users who are searching can easily recognize

App deploying a contract

Deploying a contract with Sikorka

Setting a Challenge Question/Answer

When you deploy a contract you should carefully choose a challenge question for your users to make them prove they are present in the location of deployment. The question should be something that only someone present would be able to answer.

Choosing a Challenge Question

Carefully Selecting a Challenge Question

The deployers of contracts are encouraged to create multiple challenge questions and answers and to also update them daily to increase the entropy of the Proof Of Presence and to also combat the eventual cheaters.

Searching for Contracts around you

You can open the map from inside the Sikorka app and search for Sikorka compatible contracts around your location. If found then you can click on the contract to interact with it

Searching for Contracts around you

Searching for Contracts

Interacting with Contracts

Answering the Challenge Question

When initially choosing to interact with a contract you will be challendged with a challenge Question as explained in the previous sections which you will have to answer in order to prove you are physically present in the location

Answering the Challenge Question

Answering the Challenge Question

Using Contract Methods

After having succesfully provided a Proof Of Presence you are prompted with a choice of methods to interact with the contract. The choices depend on the ABI of the deployed contract and rely on the docstrings to provide sufficient documentation and explanation to the user.

Interacting with a contract's methods

Interacting with a contract's methods

Final Notes

A demo video that was shown in Devcon2 in Shanghai showcasing the functionality displayed in this page can be seen here. Sikorka is still under very active development. Everything you see here is subject to change, especially after feedback from users. If you would like to provide feedback about what you see here please check the Contact Page.